Mid-February the Film Archive and EYE Film Institute Netherlands held an international symposium titled “The Archive as a Research Laboratory.” The symposium was hosted by Giovanna Fossati, head curator at EYE, and Annie van den Oever, head of the Film Archive—and featured superb lectures, among them a sensational one by Roger Odin, on the phenomenon of the mobile phone and how it turns us into archivists who have to select, delete, catalogue. Each lecture was followed by lively debate and discussion.

We would like to take the opportunity to once more thank the speakers—Ian Christie, Eef Masson, Sabine Lenk and Frank Kessler, Roger Odin, Susan Aasman and Andreas Fickers, Heide Schlüpmann, and Jan Holmberg—for their fascinating lectures and contributions, as well as Johan Stadtman, trustee of the Film Archive, and all guests. In the document below you will find bio’s and abstracts of the speakers.