The fourth volume of the international books series The Key Debates, on Technē/Technology / Ed. by Annie van den Oever
Technē/Technology is the up-to-date critical volume on the theories, philosophies, and debates on technology and their productivity for the fi elds of fi lm and media studies. Comprehensive as well as innovative, it is not organized around a single thesis – except the assertion that technique is a major concern for fi lm and media scholars, whether this is approached in terms of philosophy, techno-aesthetics, semiotics, apparatus theory, (new) fi lm history, media archaeology, the industry or the sensory/cognitive experience. deliberately includes contributions by fi lm and media experts working in very different ways on a wide range of technology-related issues. A major question to be addressed in this book is how the new philosophies (of technology) created in relation to major technological transformations – such as the new philosophies of (media) technology formulated by Benjamin, Heidegger, McLuhan, Kittler, or Stiegler – could or did contribute in turn to the modifi cation of fi lm theory and some of its key concepts. Throughout this book there is an emphasis on critical concepts, methods and debates.

Contributions by: Dominique Chateau, Ian Christie, Heidi Rae Cooley, Patrick Crogan, Andreas Fickers, André Gaudreault, Malte Hagener, Laurent Jullier, Martin Lefebvre, Annemone Ligensa, Annie van den Oever, Francesco Pitassio, Céline Scemama, Robert Sinnerbrink, Markus Stauff, Benoît Turquety, Pasi Väliaho, Nanna Verhoeff, Lambert Wiesing, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young.

ISBN 978-90-8964-571-5

The Key Debates