Exposing The Film Apparatus Exposing The Film Apparatus: the Film Archive as a Research Laboratory

Exposing the Film Apparatus addresses the keen awareness of the prominence of media technologies in the last two centuries, while also focusing on how such an awareness is impacting the curatorial consciousness of those working in film archives, technology, and media museums today.

Sleutelteksten film- en mediatheorie part 1: The early years of film and the period of the avant-garde, 1896-1931

Is film art or distraction? A new way of showing or a new way of seeing? Wherein lies the magical attraction of the close-up? And why do we go to the cinema? As a new medium and a young form of art, film appealed to the imagination of many artists, thinkers and writers. The texts collected in this bundle register with an intense curiosity the effects of the rise of film between 1895 and 1930: the experiences of the first viewers, the new esthetic forms, the reactions of the avant-gardes and the influence of film on the existing culture.

Sleutelteksten film- en mediatheorie 2: Klassieke en moderne filmtheorie [ONLY IN DUTCH]

Het tweede deel van de serie Sleutelteksten in film- en media-theorie is gewijd aan de klassieke en moderne filmtheorie tussen 1945 en 1980. In deze periode ging de aandacht allereerst uit naar de aard en status van de film, gevolgd door interesse in de taal en vertelwijze van de film. Zo bevat dit deel beschouwingen over enkele doorslaggevende ontwikkelingen in de naoorlogse film, waaronder het Italiaanse neorealisme en de Franse Nouvelle Vague, de bloei van Hollywood, en de 'auteurtheorie'.

Infoversum 2015 Hands-On History : Exploring New Methodologies for Media Research, Teaching, and Curating

How can we challenge the exclusively textual approaches to media history and opt for a more experimental and hands-on approach to cultural heritage? The University of Groningen’s Film Archive and the Network for Experimental Media Archaeology, focused on media heritage, are working on innovative methodologies for engaging with past media technologies by creating situations of re-use to experience and understand the complex relationship between the materiality of media devices and the performative qualities of such objects. 

The Key Debates The Key Debates, on Technē/Technology : Mutations and Appropriations in European Film Studies

The fourth volume of the international books series The Key Debates, on Technē/Technology / Ed. by Annie van den Oever

Symposium on Film & Media Technologies Symposium on Film & Media Technologies : The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory

We are proud to present to you the second international Symposium on The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory on December 12 and 13, 2013. We kindly invite you to the lectures, paper presentations, round table discussions, debates and Q&A as well as a special screening of Jean-Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) du Cinéma. EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the Groningen Film Archive will again host the event.

The first day will take place in EYE in Amsterdam; the second day in the University of Groningen.

Mini Symposium on Media Technologies (I) Mini Symposium on Media Technologies (I): An Afternoon on Heidegger

The Film Archive, the Dept. of Arts Culture and Media, and the Centre for Arts in Society present:

Mini Symposium on Media Technologies (I) : An Afternoon on Heidegger

Techne and Poesis: Heideggerian Perspectives on Technology and Cinema /  by Robert Sinnerbrink
(Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)

Co-referent panel:
Eddo Evink, Cécile Guédon, and Julian Hanich

Opening Words by the Director of ICOG
Liesbeth Korthals Altes

Film Archive as a Research Laboratory Symposium The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory

On February 15th 2013, the Groningen Film Archive and the department of Arts, Culture and Media of the Faculty of Arts (University of Groningen) in close collaboration with EYE Film Institute Netherlands and several other partners hosted a symposium on the role of the film archive in current academic film education and research. It was a great opportunity for our research project to participate and present our plan to do ‘experimental media archaeology’  as a means to reconstruct (past) user practices of home movie making.

Symposium The Archive as a Research Laboratory

Mid-February the Film Archive and EYE Film Institute Netherlands held an international symposium titled “The Archive as a Research Laboratory.” The symposium was hosted by Giovanna Fossati, head curator at EYE, and Annie van den Oever, head of the Film Archive—and featured superb lectures, among them a sensational one by Roger Odin, on the phenomenon of the mobile phone and how it turns us into archivists who have to select, delete, catalogue. Each lecture was followed by lively debate and discussion.

Exhibition Beyond the Analogue World?

From November 6 2012 to January 11 2013 the Film Archive organized an exhibition on analogue film in the University Library of the University of Groningen. Here one could view historical film posters, film projectors, camera editors and viewers. With the exhibition titled Beyond the Analogue World? the Film Archive—in collaboration with the University Library—aims to provide an oversight of the developments that professional and amateur film have gone through the last century.

For the catalogue of the exhibition, see below.

Catalogue only in Dutch