The film collection of the archive contains almost 3000 8mm, 16mm, and 35 mm films. The collection’s categories vary from ‘Polygoon-newsreels,’ educational films and documentaries to animation and feature films. Classics by Alfred Hitchcock, Sergei Eisenstein, Luis Buñuel, and Federico Fellini can be found in the archive, as well as B-films from the heyday of Hollywood. There are a number of German expressionistic and Soviet montage films as well. In addition, there are a number of Marshall Plan propaganda films that were projected in the Netherlands after the Second World War. The archive was also given a collection of erotic films. This collection contains some twenty 35mm films. Altogether these films represent varying periods in film history.

The collection of films is kept in a separate storage room at the archive. Students and professors are given the opportunity to study films on the editing table or in the projection room on request. For more information, contact the archive’s trustee.