Some important sub collections, like the Marshall Plan films, are not only perfectly suitable for projection in cinemas, but also for projections for smaller groups of Bachelor or Master students with research purposes. Individual students or groups of students are given the opportunity to screen parts of the collection for individual case-studies. as the projectors and editing tables are easily accessible. They are installed in the downstairs accommodation of the Oude Boteringestraat, where the archival films are stored as well and are available for screening.

Simultaneously, these students will contribute in disclosing and describing the collection, under the guidance of our Film department staff. Moreover, for ambitious students research on this sub collection will provide excellent opportunities in preparation of writing a dissertation. In creating these possibilities for projection for smaller groups, the Film department foresees interesting opportunities to deepen Bachelor and Master programmes in the short term, and hopes to explore possibilities for researching the collection in the long haul. 

As for internship for Film students: Master students of Film have the opportunity to be involved in activities of the Film Archive in the form of internships. These activities include—but are not limited to—restoration, creating inventories of sub collections (descriptions and visuals included), and collecting literature. These internships are assigned to the University Library and interns are supervised by interim trustee of the archive, Jaukje van Wonderen, as well as the staff of the department of Film.

In addition to regular cinemas screenings in ForumImages, and in the Film Archive’s projection space, weekly viewings and projections take place in the archive that are organized by the Deep Focus Film Club, initiated by Julian Hanich. The film club screens a film (from the archival collection) for students and staff that are interested.