‘Versus, magazine for film and the performing arts’

The academic film magazine ‘Versus’ has played a significant part in molding and determining film sciences as an academic discipline in the Netherlands and Flanders from the late sixties up until the nineties. The magazine was made by the first Film study group in the Netherlands, at the Department Film- en Opvoeringskunsten [Film and the Performing Arts], Catholic university of Nijmegen. ‘Versus’ was published by the former Socialist publisher of Nijmegen SUN, an academic publishing company that made accessible many studies that were of relevance for the Humanities during the crucial years of change in the university curriculum.

‘Versus’ was internationally woven into a close and vast network of film magazines (‘Iris,’ ‘Screen’) and universities (École des Hautes Etudes, with Christian Metz; Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle, with Roger Odin; ‘Screen’ and Birkbeck with Laura Mulvey). This network was utilized in professor exchanges, readings, ‘Entretiens,’ articles and symposia; the majority of the materials that stem from this was translated, introduced and published in ‘Versus.’ Between the University of Groningen and the universities mentioned, study groups and boards, departments, and individuals involved, good relations maintain until this very day. From this the donation of the Historical Film Collection to the University of Groningen was initiated, as well as the initiative to create a new book series that will re-publish some of the magazine’s key texts. The expenses for this project are compensated for by the Foundation Gratama, which has acknowledged a WETEX subsidy to the Film Archive for this purpose.

Archive 1982-1992