Film posters serve promotional and marketing purposes, advertising a movie, but they also hold artistic and cultural historic value in themselves. Ever since the film industry came into existence, film posters have been created and designed by artists, thereby underlining its artistic value. Besides the promotional and artistic value and purpose, the film poster moreover shapes the viewing experience in advance—or, put differently—a film poster partly ‘frames’ the viewing experience.

The archive houses an impressive collection of film posters. This collection has around 1500 posters in differing sizes. These posters vary from posters made for art house films to posters made for popular children’s films to those made for blockbusters.

The current poster collection, with its diversity of styles and designs offers some fascinating options for research from a range of perspectives and (art)disciplines.

The poster collection came about through a number of donations, of which the Royal Belgian Film Archive in Brussels was the most extensive. This donation was initiated by Emille Poppe in collaboration with Paul Dorchain (librarian with Cinematek Brussels).