There is a great amount of film magazines, papers, flyers, leaflets and other such things present in the archive. Of the series present, there are national as well as international editions, among which titles such as ‘Skoop,’ ‘Skrien,’ ‘Filmkritik,’ ‘Cahiers du Cinema,’ ‘Images et Son,’ ‘Screen,’ and ‘Sight & Sound.’ The most significant and influential one of these, however, must be the academic film magazine ‘Versus.’ Additionally, there are programmes of film clubs, film houses and cinemas, as well as many weekly, biweekly and monthly editions with information on the latest movies. In addition, there are publications of ‘Beeldcultuur en Opvoeding’ (Visual culture and education) and ‘Documentatie Film en Jeugd’ (Documentation film and youth).

The collection of film magazines has been gathered through several donations, in which Emille Poppe, Eric de Kuyper, and Annie van den Oever have played crucial roles.


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