The archive’s collection of equipment contains several hundreds of filmic devices. Among these are nearly 100 film cameras, around 75 film projectors—which come in varying sizes—three editing tables, about thirty editor-viewers, and dozens of photo cameras. Moreover, the archive owns several magic lanterns—one of which still resides with its corresponding glass plates. In addition, there are several other (replicas of) pre-cinematographic devices, such as a cinematograph, a thaumatrope and a praxinoscope. Besides this there is other film related equipment ranging from speakers to lamps and lenses.

The broad collection of filmic devices available in the archive enables hands-on education and research, thus molding the archive into a media archeology laboratory, where students can see and experience the history of film and media first hand.

For an online database of the archive’s equipment, see link. Here one can find photographical images of all separate objects in the collection, with in some cases a description included.

The larger part of the equipment collection used to belong to the ‘Stichting Vrienden van het Filmarchief van Nijmegen’ (the film archive at the University of Nijmegen) and as such was part of the donation by Tjitte de Vries and Ati Mul. Part of it was donated by EYE Film Institute Amsterdamt—partner of the archive.

There are currently 88 projectors (photos) online in de Digital collection of the University Library Groningen