Among the wide range of films that the archive offers, there are a great number of B movies from the heyday of Hollywood. The origin of these types of films lies in the transition from the silent film to the talkies of the late twenties. This transition led independent cinema operators to opt for double programming, projecting a feature film and a second, shorter feature in advance of the main movie. These so-called B-films became the most produced type of film in Hollywood during the ‘Golden Age’ of the thirties and forties.

The archive has the following titles in this category: The Big Gamble (1931), Come on, George! (1939), Eyes of the Underworld (1942), The Jungle Princess (1936), and The Right to Romance (1933).

This sub collection of the archive has been part of research before, discerning the usual statements on the development of film in the thirties and forties.

This collection of films used to belong to the ‘Stichting Vrienden van het Filmarchief van Nijmegen’ (Friends of the film archive at the University of Nijmegen) and as such was part of the donation by Tjitte de Vries and Ati Mul.