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Film magazines and posters

The paper archive holds three sub collections. It contains a range of (inter)national film magazines and papers, with, in particular, the complete series of the first and most influential academic film magazine in the Netherlands, which is ‘Versus, tijdschrift voor film en opvoeringskunsten’ (‘Versus, magazine for film and the performing arts’). Apart from the magazine ‘Versus,’ the archive contains other Dutch, German, English and French film magazines and papers, among which are ‘Skoop,’ ‘Skrien,’ ‘Filmkritik,’ ‘Cahiers du Cinema,’ ‘Images et son,’ ‘Screen,’ and ‘Sight & Sound.’ In addition, the archive obtains an extensive collection of film posters. And lastly, several stand-alone studies can be found in the archive. Such as film catalogues and guides, among which those of Leonard Maltin from the nineties. Additionally, several smaller edifying pieces can be found that elaborate on the relation between film and the church, as well as old treasures like ‘Footnotes to the Film’ from 1938, edited by Charles Davy. The time span covered by this collection runs from 1950 to 1990.

A reading space has been created in the centre of the archive, where all the literature is kept. This offers the opportunity to look into and study literature on the spot, not only for students, but also for professors and researchers. The archive facilitates thorough research on specific parts of the collection too. For instance, some research has been done on ‘Versus’ before, as well as on the poster collection.

For a database on the literature there present, see below. The making of an inventory on the poster collection is still in progress.

Donators to the paper archive are—primarily—Emile Poppe, Eric de Kuyper, Frans Westra and Annie van den Oever.

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Film magazines ('Versus')

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